Rental of CPM Shoulder Rehabilitation Machine at the Beofizio Center

The Beofizio Center provides innovative recovery options after shoulder surgery through the rental of CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) machines. This therapy allows patients to achieve faster recovery and return to shoulder functionality, all in the comfort of their own home. CPM machines are computerized, safe and come with professional training for proper use.

Therapy in Home Conditions

One of the key advantages of renting CPM machines for shoulder recovery is the possibility of therapy at home. This is of particular importance for people with reduced mobility or those who do not have access to regular therapies. Patients receive detailed instructions and a demonstration of how to use the machine so that they can perform the therapy independently without the need to go to specialized centers.

Safety and Efficiency

CPM shoulder rehabilitation machines provide safe and controlled therapy, allowing patients to gradually regain mobility and flexibility after surgery. Computerized programs monitor and adjust therapy to the specific needs of each patient, ensuring a gradual increase in range of motion for maximum recovery.

Customizable Rental Plans

The Beofizio Center offers customizable CPM shoulder machine rental options, tailored to each patient’s needs. These machines are rented on a monthly basis, giving patients the flexibility to use the therapy for as long as recommended by their doctor. In cases where shorter therapy is recommended, there is an option to adjust the rental period to suit specific recovery requirements.


Renting CPM shoulder rehabilitation machines from Beofizio Center allows patients an efficient, safe and comfortable rehabilitation process in the comfort of their own home. These innovative therapies allow recovery to be tailored to individual needs, offering the possibility of a faster and more efficient return to functionality and mobility after shoulder surgery.

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