Specialist examination by physiatrist and orthopedist

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A specialist examination by a physiatrist and orthopedist is crucial for solving health problems that make it difficult or impossible for you to move normally. In fact, a specialist examination by a physiatrist or orthopedist is the first step on your way to relief from pain in muscles, bones and joints.

These complaints can occur due to a fall, impact or other causes that may even be unknown to you and drastically affect the quality of your life. The expert team of doctors at the BeoFizio Center is here to help you solve any orthopedic problem as easily as possible. We put all our knowledge and great experience at your service so that you can get rid of pain and return to a normal life as soon as possible.

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What does a specialist examination by a physiatrist and orthopedist look like?

A specialist examination begins with taking an anamnesis and gathering relevant information about your problem. After that, you will be examined by a doctor who is closely specialized in the problem that is bothering you.

  • When it comes to sports injuries, fractures and other injuries of peripheral joints and extremities, we direct you to an orthopedist whose specialty is providing solutions in these areas.
  • In the case of children’s trauma, patients are examined by a pediatric orthopedist who has specific knowledge for the treatment of the youngest patients.
  • In case you have problems related to your neck or back, such as damage to the spinal column, disc herniation, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, vertebral fractures… you will be examined by a spinal

The specialist doctor will conduct a clinical examination that includes a careful observation of your entire body and a check of all visible irregularities. Clinical testing includes various manual tests that help determine the structure responsible for the pain and the type of injury.

One of the main methods is palpation (feeling) of painful places, by which we examine swelling, tension and/or weakness of muscles and tissues. It is important to emphasize that during the specialist examination, physiatrists and orthopedists will do their utmost to make it as painless and pleasant as possible for you.

Depending on the type of problem, the examination can last from 10-30 minutes, after which you receive a specialist report from the doctor, which contains:

  • established diagnosis,
  • prescribed therapy and advice for further treatment.

Therapy can include various methods such as physical therapy, kinesi therapy (stretching exercises), Indiba TT treatments, massage and chiropractic. All types of therapy are available at the BeoFizio center.

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You can make an appointment by phone, and in urgent cases it is possible to make an appointment on the same day.

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