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A place where health becomes a habit

About us

The BeoFizio center was created in 2008, driven by the desire to help people feel better, forget about pain, improve the quality of their life and move freely without restrictions, ready for everything that life brings.

This is a place where we take care of the most important thing of every person, which is their health. We are here to help you develop healthy habits, enable you to live a pain-free life and prevent the occurrence of various diseases and injuries.

If the same happens, our expert team of doctors and physiotherapists is here to provide you with adequate treatment and treatment, as well as support on the way to strengthening your spirit and body until full recovery.

Why choose the BeoFizio center?

The founder of the BeoFizio Center is Miloš Makarić, a physiotherapist and specialist in manual therapy and osteopathy. His vast experience laid the foundation for the expertise and dedication our center dedicates to your recovery.

What sets the BeoFizio center apart are the three pillars on which the services we provide rest:

Quick problem detection

This is a key item for successful treatment and quick recovery. We offer quick and precise diagnostics in order to determine the cause of your pain and difficulties as precisely as possible

Individual approach to each patient

We know that every patient has different needs. That is exactly why we focus on an individual approach in our work and provide you with personalized therapy and quick recovery

Professional therapists

Our professional and highly qualified therapists are constantly up to date with the latest techniques and approaches to ensure you get the best results from therapy and treatment.

What you get in the BeoFizio Center

The BeoFizio center is not just a doctor’s office. It is a place where friends gather, adventures begin, and health becomes a habit.

Whether it is an injury that is bothering you, chronic pain that is limiting you or you simply want to improve your physical condition, we provide you with comprehensive support for all your health needs. Our range of services offers comprehensive support for your health needs, whether it’s an injury, chronic pain or a desire to improve your physical condition.

Indiba therapy

Do you suffer from neck and back pain, have you experienced an injury or have a chronic problem, but you don't have time for long-term therapy and easy recovery because obligations await?

Physical therapy

We open the door to life without limits. Start the adventure of getting rid of everyday back and neck pain.

Specialist examination by physiatrist and orthopedist

A specialist examination by a physiatrist and orthopedist is crucial for solving health problems that make it difficult or impossible for you to move normally.

Rehabilitation after injuries and operations

Rehabilitation is a key phase of recovery after injury or surgery. It allows you to regain your functionality and the quality of life you had before.

Back and neck pain

Statistics say that almost 90 percent of people worldwide experience back or neck pain at some point in their lives.

Exercises for kyphosis and scoliosis

Kyphosis and scoliosis are orthopedic problems that know no age limits.

Training of athletes and recreationists

Do you want to improve your sports performance and achieve top results?


Struggle with chronic back, shoulder and neck pain?

Therapeutic and sports massage

Do you have back or neck pain? Are you suffering from a sports injury or experiencing acute or chronic pain?

Let us be a part of your journey to better health. We look forward to meeting you and working together for your better tomorrow. Your health is our priority.

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