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FMS testing and individual approach for maximum results
Do you want to improve your sports performance and achieve top results? The training of athletes and recreationists at the BeoFizio Center can be the key to making your sports dreams come true. Discover how our unique approach to individual training, which combines FMS testing and personalized programs, can effectively improve your sports career.

This 1 on 1 approach to training is especially intended for young athletes in development who need to properly develop movement patterns, properly develop their body, prepare it for top results and act preventively against the possibility of injury.

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FMS Testing: Unlock Your Potential

The secret of the success of the training of athletes and recreationists of the BeoFizio center lies in FMS testing, also known as functional testing of motor skills. This test allows us to understand your body more deeply, identifying movement limitations, weaknesses and asymmetries. Based on this knowledge, we create a personalized training plan that focuses on correcting movement patterns and eliminating deficiencies, thereby significantly reducing the risk of injury. The individual training of athletes and recreationists is carried out on several levels:

  • Our main goal is to improve your sports performance in all aspects. Through the program, we work on increasing your aerobic and anaerobic abilities, speed, agility, coordination, endurance, strength and flexibility.
  • We carefully adapt weight training to your specific needs and motor patterns, which are aimed at giving you concrete advantages on the field.
  • Stretching also plays a key role in our program. We apply it to the muscle groups most engaged in your particular sport, developing dynamic and flexibility in multiple planes of motion. This will improve your mobility and significantly reduce the risk of injury.
  • The most important segment of our training is to teach you how to maximize your potential. We work with you to improve your game and allow you to reach your best performance on the court.

Why choose individual training for athletes and recreationists at the BeoFizio Center

One of the frequent mistakes that, especially young, athletes make is forcing an increase in sports performance before the problems that exist in the body are solved. FMS testing makes a drastic difference there. BeoPhysio Center’s personalized training allows you to properly work on the basics so that you can later safely and successfully increase your abilities.

In addition, the trainers monitor your progress at all times and adjust the programs so that you can continuously progress and reach your desired goal, and provide you with constant support and motivation on your way to success.

Each workout lasts 1 hour and includes thorough work on every part of your body. 3 to 4 training sessions per week are recommended in order to achieve maximum results, and continuity of work is key to achieving the goals you have set.


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The BeoFizio Center is the right destination for an individual approach and training that will take you to sporting peaks. Our expertise and knowledge are at your disposal so that you can develop all your potential and achieve maximum results.

Join the BeoFizio team and invest in your body. Let’s start together on the road to success!

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