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Do you have back or neck pain? Are you suffering from a sports injury or experiencing acute or chronic pain? A massage at the BeoFizio center is your sure way to better health, improved mobility and relief from pain.

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What types of massage does the Beofizio center provide?

In the BeoFizio center, two types of massage are available to you:

  • Therapeutic massage – this is the so-called deep or targeted massage that works by acting on deep muscle tissues. In this way, fibrosis is broken, that is, abnormal accumulation of connective tissue in the organs, which, if neglected, can damage the normal functioning of the organs. In addition to this, therapeutic massage relaxes the body from tension, and is especially effective for people who spend a lot of time sitting.
  • Sports massage – it is an energetic body massage designed to speed up the recovery process and improve circulation in athletes after intense physical exertion. This massage helps the muscles to, in a very short period, return to their original state and be ready for new efforts.

What is the right massage for you?

Sports massage is primarily intended, as the name suggests, for athletes, but also for recreationists, especially those who participate in marathons, team sports and tournaments, as it enables quick muscle recovery after these exhaustive sports activities. It should also be noted that, if you take care of your body in the right way, one or two sports massage treatments are enough to achieve complete muscle recovery.

When it comes to therapeutic massage, it is recommended for people who suffer from back and muscle pain caused by various injuries or caused by some other cause. It takes 3 to 5 consecutive treatments of therapeutic massage to completely relieve you of pain.

What does the massage look like and is it painful?

The massage is performed with hands, without additional machines. During the massage treatment itself, you may feel slight discomfort during a deeper massage, but the therapists will always adjust the pressure and intensity to your needs and make this treatment as pleasant as possible for you.

The back massage lasts 30 minutes, while the full body massage treatment lasts an hour.


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