Rehabilitation after injuries and surgery

Return to active life
Rehabilitation is a key phase of recovery after injury or surgery. It allows you to regain your functionality and the quality of life you had before. The rehabilitation program at the BeoFizio Center is tailored to your individual needs and supports you after surgery or a serious injury, and we aim for your full recovery.

We start working right after you leave the hospital, and often even earlier (while you’re still in plaster), because that’s the only way to achieve full recovery and the desired results. That is why it is important not to delay the start of recovery, but to start it as soon as possible.

What is solved by rehabilitation and why is it important to start on time?

What does rehabilitation solve and why is it important to start on time?

Rehabilitation after injuries and operations effectively and quickly solves a number of problems, including:

  • Recovery after surgery: After surgery, fast and professional rehabilitation is essential for a full recovery, and we take you on the first day after leaving the hospital.
  • Sports injuries: Problems of this nature can significantly disrupt the trajectory of your sports career. Rehabilitation helps you fully recover and safely return to your activities.
  • Injuries after accidents or falls: Nobody wants accidents to happen to them, but accidents can happen to anyone. We help you to return to normal walking and activities, after injuries caused by accidents or falls.
  • Rehabilitation after orthopedic procedures: Whether it is the installation of implants or other orthopedic procedures, rehabilitation at the BeoFizio center helps you recover and get fit quickly.
  • Spine and joint injuries: Long-term or acute pain in the spine and joints can seriously disrupt daily life. Our rehabilitation reduces pain and restores the full functionality of the injured parts.
  • Recovery after a ligament injury: Ligament injuries, such as a rupture (“rupture”) of the Achilles tendon, sprains or strains of ligaments, require professional rehabilitation in order to achieve a successful recovery and return to both career and life.

Benefits of rehabilitation at the BeoFizio Center

The BeoFizio center provides you with a comprehensive rehabilitation package for complete recovery.

After leaving the hospital, we first examine you and then, in accordance with the medical history, prescribe physical and then kinesi physical therapy, which is completely adapted to you with the aim of restoring movement and strengthening muscles. During rehabilitation, you will work individually with a trainer who will closely monitor you and adjust the rehabilitation process itself in order to achieve full recovery and return to normal activities.

How long does rehabilitation take?

The duration of therapy depends on the severity of the injury, your age and your needs. However, it usually takes a couple of months to complete the entire process.

The treatments themselves are performed daily, and you spend about 3 hours in the center and have access to everything he needs for recovery. This includes the use of advanced devices for early rehabilitation, massage to reduce swelling, working with a therapist and other methods tailored to the type of injury.

Also, recovery time varies depending on the severity of the injury. For example, minor injuries may take about a month, while more severe ones, such as Achilles tendon rupture or ACL sprains, may take longer to recover and may take up to 6 months.


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