Lease of the CPM Knee and Hip Machine: Painless recovery without leaving home

When you’re dealing with recovery from knee or hip surgery, it’s important to have access to advanced therapy to get you back to your daily activities quickly. The CPM (kinatek machine), also known as the knee and hip flexor machine, is an effective and painless rehabilitation tool now available for rent right in your home.

Who is the CPM machine intended for?

As we mentioned, it is intended for all of you who have limited movement

CPM machine at your address

One of the key advantages of renting CPM machines for shoulder recovery is the possibility of therapy at home. This is of particular importance for people with reduced mobility or those who do not have access to regular therapies. Patients receive detailed instructions and a demonstration of how to use the machine so that they can perform the therapy independently without the need to go to specialized centers.

Kinatek Machine: Your Partner in Recovery

This innovative CPM machine is a key tool in the rehabilitation process after joint surgery. Its application is especially useful after surgical interventions on the hip and knee. It enables continuous passive movement of the joints, which is crucial for a safe and quick recovery.

Home Therapy: How to Use the Kinatek Machine

One of the main advantages of using the Kinatek Machine is the possibility of therapy at home. This device is easy to use, and our experts will provide you with all the necessary instructions to use it properly. In addition, the therapist will adjust all the settings of the machine according to your individual needs.

For Persons with Limited Mobility

If you face the challenge of going to therapy due to poor mobility or lack of support for transportation, renting a Kinatek Machine enables you to have effective therapy in the comfort of your home.

Faster Recovery Without Discomfort

Thanks to the continuous passive movements made possible by the Kinatek Machine, postoperative pain is significantly reduced, and the risk of inflammation is minimized. This therapy allows for painless procedures during the tissue healing phase, helping you to return to normal activities as soon as possible.


Renting the Kinetek Knee and Hip Machine provides you with a therapy that has proven to be extremely effective in the recovery process after surgery. This revolutionary therapy contributes to a faster and safer return to normal life. For more information on renting and how to use the machine, contact us and provide yourself with the best care during your rehabilitation.

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