INDIBA therapy

Do you suffer from neck and back pain, have you experienced an injury or have a chronic problem, but you don’t have time for long-term therapy and easy recovery because obligations await? We completely understand you.

The BeoFizio center therefore offers you INDIBA active therapy, a quick, simple, painless and effective solution that you are looking for.

Namely, just one visit to this radiofrequency therapy replaces 3-5 trips to classic physical treatment. This means that you will get rid of pain 3-5 times faster.

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INDIBA therapy – what does it solve and who is it intended for?

First of all, know that the INDIBA treatment is completely painless. The patient sits or lies on the table, while a special gel is applied to the skin of the targeted region, which enables better conduction of radio waves and increases the effectiveness of the treatment. After that, the therapist uses the electrodes of the INDIBA Active device to direct the radio waves to the specific area being treated. These waves, of low frequency (448KHz), penetrate deep into the tissue, creating a therapeutic effect that eliminates pain.

With INDIBA therapy alone:

  • increases the flow of oxygen in the tissue,
  • improves blood circulation,
  • accelerates the process of regeneration and healing,
  • reduce pain and inflammation,
  • normalizes cell function and cellular metabolism.

In this way, the INDIBA treatment, in the shortest possible period of time, relieves you of the problem that is bothering you, strengthens your body and makes you feel “like new”.

What does INDIBA therapy look like?

When INDIBA therapy first appeared in Italy, Nadal, Messi and Ronaldo traveled by plane for this treatment. This certainly tells you about the quality, efficiency and speed of recovery achieved by this treatment. Today, INDIBA is available to a wide range of people and can be useful:

  • For athletes and recreational athletes: INDIBA therapy is often the first option for professional athletes and recreational athletes who want a quick recovery in short periods between competitions. With this therapy, blood flow increases up to 79%, as well as tissue temperature, which achieves accelerated recovery and improvement of sports performance.
  • For people suffering from injuries: INDIBA therapy is often used in the rehabilitation process after sports or other injuries. In addition to contributing to rapid healing and pain reduction, it restores functionality to damaged tissues.
  • For chronic pain: People who suffer from chronic pain in muscles, joints or spine, recover from these months-long ailments in a short time and in a completely painless way.
  • For anyone whose job requires them to sit for a long time: People who spend most of the day sitting at a desk or in other circumstances where movement is limited can use INDIBA therapy to solve back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as to improve circulation.
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It is important to note that INDIBA treatments are a therapy that is easily adapted to the individual needs of each patient. This means that the therapist will choose the appropriate treatment protocol based on the specific goals you want to achieve and your health condition.


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