What types of therapy does the Beofizio Center provide?

Do you have a problem with back and neck pain, do you need massage, recovery from surgery or corrective exercises? Whatever group you belong to, we offer you adequate, personalized recovery that will return you to your original state in the shortest possible time and strengthen your body for future activities.

INDIBA therapy

Do you know what Ronaldo, Messi and Nadal have in common? Same recovery system! All three athletes have been using INDIBA therapy for years. This machine uses high frequency electrical waves to stimulate cellular metabolism, improve circulation and speed up the healing process.

Due to its up to 5 times faster and more efficient action compared to other methods, numerous teams have included it in an indispensable part of recovery and return to the field. However, this treatment system is no longer reserved only for professional athletes, it is now available to you, whether you have acute or chronic conditions, drainage needs, neck and back pain, rheumatic diseases or traumatic injuries, you can now solve them in just couple of visits to our center.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy, or physiotherapy, is based on the concept of beneficial movement to improve mobility and body function. This therapy often plays a key role in rehabilitation after injuries, operations or chronic diseases. That is why it is important that the treatments are individually adapted in order to improve your functionality.

Regardless of your specific need, there are different types of physical therapy that are tailored to the goals you want to achieve. Electrotherapy, laser therapy, magnetic or ultrasound therapy are just some of the methods we use to reduce your pain, improve circulation and increase mobility, and you will notice the beneficial effect after the first treatment.

Sports and therapeutic massages

In the Beofizio center, therapeutic massage, targeted for deep tissues and tension relief, as well as sports massage for quick recovery and improved circulation after intense physical activities are available.

Determining the right massage is key – sports massage is for athletes and recreational athletes, while therapeutic massage is recommended for people with back and muscle pain, requiring 3 to 5 consecutive treatments for complete relief.

Massages are performed manually, adjusting the pressure and intensity to your needs. Do not suffer pain and worsen your current condition, contact us on time and schedule a massage on time.

Therapy for neck and back pain

As many as 90% of people experience neck and back pain during their lifetime. In order to solve these inconveniences in as few visits to the center as possible, it is important to contact us as soon as the problem arises. Through personalized exercises in combination with other types of therapy, and in accordance with your needs, we will find the best personalized solution and return you to life without pain.


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